Enva boosts UK battery recycling capacity by 50%

It will enable the company to store and process more than 36,000 tonnes of batteries a year

Enva, a provider of recycling and resource recovery solutions, has expanded its lead acid battery processing facility in Immingham, Lincolnshire, boosting its recycling capacity by 50%.

The increased site capacity will enable the company to store and process more than 36,000 tonnes of batteries a year.

The investment includes new material handling and processing lines as well as recovered product storage, enabling the handling of other battery types and chemistries.

Enva’s recycling process breaks down waste automotive and industrial batteries, separating and recovering their key components, including metals, plastics and acid.

After further processing, metals and plastics are recovered for use in the manufacturing of new products while used battery acid is sent offsite to a licenced third party for neutralisation.

Arvydas Pocevicius, the General Manager of Enva’s battery business said: “Recycling batteries ensures valuable resources can be reused in more sustainable products and aren’t lost forever via landfill or incineration.

“This expansion of our operations represents a significant increase in the UK’s lead acid battery recycling capacity. It will result in fewer batteries needing to be exported for treatment, driving additional CO2 savings. It has also directly created 12 new jobs in the region which we are now actively seeking to fill.”

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