NASA says biofuel could slash jet pollution by 70%

NASA has confirmed biofuels can reduce jet engine pollution by as much as 70%. Its research concluded particle emissions from plane exhausts can be greatly decreased by using a 50:50 blend of aviation fuel and a renewable alternative produced from plant oil. As well as cutting Carbon Dioxide emissions, the mix also saw a significant […]

NASA’s electric plane to take off

NASA has launched a research programme to build electric planes. It will test a new propulsion technology using an experimental airplane called X-57 and nicknamed “Maxwell”. Maxwell’s original wing and two gas-fuelled piston engines will be replaced with a long, skinny wing embedded with 14 electric motors. Engineers hope to achieve a five-time reduction in the energy required […]

NASA: Climate change slows rise in sea levels

NASA has revealed how water storage on land has affected the rate of rise in sea levels. That’s due to climate, its report stated. While ice sheets and glaciers are melting, changes in weather in the past decade have caused Earth’s continents to soak up and store an extra 3.2 trillion tons of water in soils, […]

2015 was the hottest year on Earth

Global temperatures in 2015 have set a new record for the hottest year since 1880, according to NASA’s report. They shattered the previous record set in 2014 by 0.13°C degrees, the institution stated. The planet’s average surface temperature has risen around 1°C since the late 19th century, it added. That’s due to a change largely […]

NASA’s spacecraft breaks solar power record

One of NASA’s spacecraft has broken the record for the most distance travelled using solar power. The milestone occurred on Wednesday this week when Juno, worth $1.1 billion (£0.76bn), was around 493 million miles from the sun. Launched in 2011, Juno was the first solar-powered spacecraft designed to operate at such a great distance from […]

NASA’s green tech could save airlines $255bn

Airlines could save billions of dollars in the near future as a result of green technologies. Developed by NASA’s aeronautics researchers in the past six years, they claim the new technologies could cut airline fuel use in half, pollution by 75% and noise to nearly one-eighth of today’s levels. Around $400 million (£273m) was invested […]

Fuel to power future NASA space missions

A specialised fuel to power NASA’s future deep space missions has been produced. Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee completed the first production of 50 grams of ‘plutonium-238’ – roughly the mass of a golf ball – in nearly 30 years. It comes two years after the […]

Powering the International Space Station

  How does NASA power the International Space Station? Watch to find out.

Climate change ‘rapidly warming world’s lakes’

Lakes around the world are warming “rapidly” due to climate change threatening freshwater supplies and ecosystems. That’s according to a new study from NASA funded by the National Science Foundation, which analysed 235 lakes around the Earth. It found they are warming at an average of 0.61° Fahrenheit (0.34°C) every 10 years. If this rate continues, […]

NASA to study impact of climate change in Arctic

NASA is going to examine the ecosystem impacts of climate change in the Arctic. The Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) will look at on-the-ground research in Alaska and northwestern Canada with data collected by airborne instruments, satellites and other agency programmes. It will combine field work, airborne surveys, satellite data and computer modelling and will investigate […]