NASA-backed £9m plant to produce advanced biofuels in Northern Ireland

Renovare Fuels is set to open a plant in County Derry, producing nearly two million litres of advanced renewable biofuels annually from landfill waste biogas

NASA satellites show before and after on climate change

Images have been released detailing the impact global warming has had on certain areas over the last 30-40 years

Solar-powered spaceship lands after nearly three years in Earth orbit

The unmanned ship conducted experiments, including harnessing solar rays to be used as energy on Earth

NASA and First Street Foundation collaborate on climate risk research

They aim to quantify economic impacts from climate and promote climate risk awareness to individuals, communities as well as local, state and federal government agencies

If you believed they put a nuclear power station on the Moon

NASA aims to launch a nuclear power station on the moon by 2030

Do look up! NASA telescope could find alien civilisation using air pollution data

Space telescope might look for life by detecting pollutants in the atmosphere of exoplanets

NASA: ‘2021 sixth warmest year ever’

A new report from the space agency has revealed that 8/10 of the warmest years in Earth’s history have occurred in the last decade

NASA appoints Katherine Calvin as new Chief Scientist

She will serve as principal advisor to the Biden Administration and other agency leaders on NASA science programmes, strategic planning and policy

‘If you believed they put a …nuclear plant on the Moon’!

NASA is looking for design ideas for a fission power plant that could be built in the next ten years

NASA: Climate change could slash corn crop yields by 2030

Crop yields are projected to decline 24% due to the impacts of climate change, according to NASA study