Ex-PM makes a case for “temporary renationalisation” of energy suppliers

Gordon Brown has called on the government to scrap the price cap amid energy crisis

Petition for nationalisation of energy companies gathers steam

Campaigners suggest the move is needed to mitigate energy cost hikes and mismanagement of the energy sector

France offers €9.7bn to take full control of EDF

The French Government has today published details of its bid to acquire the remaining 16% share of EDF

Is heatwave putting strain on nuclear power?

EDF told ELN that the heatwave in the UK is not likely to impact the operations of its nuclear power stations

Will EDF’s nationalisation put UK’s nuclear power plans at risk?

The energy giant could reportedly shift its focus to France as a result of the planned nationalisation

Government takeover of Gazprom ‘could cost £4bn’

The company’s portfolio is too large to let other suppliers bid to take over, reports have claimed

Electricity pylon
SSE and National Grid move offshore to protect against nationalisation plans

The precaution would not prevent the companies from being taken over by a Labour Government but could help to protect investors

Nationalising UK energy ‘could put 2050 net zero targets at risk’

A new report says the Labour Party’s plans would divert resources and investment away from where they are needed, delay climate change efforts and create an atmosphere of uncertainty

Picture of the word response in 3D on a table
Industry responds to Labour’s energy nationalisation plans

It announced plans to take National Grid into public ownership as well as replace the existing distribution network operators

Thames Water reassures investors regarding possible Labour future

The utility has added a new clause to bonds meaning investors will be able to quickly get their money back if the utility is nationalised