Keir Starmer urged to reconsider energy company nationalisation

An investigation reveals that bringing energy into public ownership could end energy company profiteering, resulting in potential savings of £45 billion for billpayers

Uniper lost €19.1bn due to undelivered Russian gas

Germany’s largest gas importer suffered a loss before interest and taxes of around €10.9 billion last year as it was put in an “extremely difficult” situation

Chief of nationalised Uniper to step down

The boss of Uniper will resign as the nationalisation of the company “marks the start of a new phase”

OVO allegedly eyes Bulb’s takeover

A takeover by OVO would reportedly not require additional taxpayer funding

‘Households could save up to £4,400 if energy suppliers were nationalised’

Analysts have said other countries, including France and Germany, have public energy and the UK should follow suit to reduce bills and accelerate energy efficiency

Germany nationalises Uniper amid energy crisis

The German Government will inject a further €8 billion into the gas giant

“Cancelling direct debits is not a great idea”

Economics expert has told ELN that the move could lead to expensive prepayment meters

Price cap: What can we expect from Ofgem this Friday?

A fuel poverty and energy policy researcher told ELN that the UK energy bills could be slipping into “very scary territory”

UK faces call for nationalisation of Bulb

Campaigners have said the nationalisation could lead to lower bills

Ex-PM makes a case for “temporary renationalisation” of energy suppliers

Gordon Brown has called on the government to scrap the price cap amid energy crisis