The Carbon Column – Reflecting on 2022

In this post I reflect on some of the stories in 2022

UN appealing for $51bn to save 230m from climate disaster

This is a record amount, as floods and droughts continue to rise

UK to pledge £100m in climate finance at COP27

In Nigeria specifically, the Foreign Secretary is expected to announce £95m in investment for renewable energy programmes

Africa is losing 15% in GDP growth from climate change

It is also suffering from a $1.3tn climate finance gap, a report claims

‘Leaders are absent on climate change’

A new report calls on the Australian government for inaction on climate change

‘Climate disasters cost the world $100bn in 2021’

A new report lays bare the financial and human devastation climate change caused throughout the last year

Climate change ‘causing devastating impacts on mental health’

A new study claims to have found a ‘clear relationship’ between the rise in the world’s temperatures and suicide rates

Cost of natural disasters spiked in 2016

The financial losses caused by natural disasters in 2016 were the worst for four years. According to insurance group Munich Re, a series of devastating earthquakes, floods, storms and wildfires saw global damages rise to $175 billion (£142.3bn). That was two thirds higher than the year before although not quite as high as the losses inflicted […]

Climate change ‘linked to rising natural disasters’

There are more natural disasters due to greater extremes in temperatures from rising greenhouse gases. That’s according to a new report from the Asian Development Bank. It found global temperatures are already halfway to the 2°C warming threshold for limiting catastrophic climate impacts. It states: “Impacts are not just concerns for the distant future but are already […]