Ukraine War could mean a new gas ‘gold rush’

Researchers claim this will lead to a state of ‘irreversible’ global warming

England faces ‘the serious risk of running out of water by 2040’

That’s the warning from the Public Accounts Committee, which accuses Defra, Ofwat and the Environment Agency of having ‘taken their eye off the ball’

Climate change ‘could cost global economy nearly $10tn by 2050’

A new report warns nature losses and environmental damage need to be rapidly reversed in order to avoid severe financial losses across multiple vital sectors

You might consider yourself green, but what about your toothpaste?

A Kickstarter project called NOICE is offering a natural and refillable toothpaste offering to reduce pollution and landfill waste

UK’s natural capital ‘is worth almost £1 trillion’

The Office for National Statistics says it has started ‘building accounts of the UK’s nature’

Asia ‘to lead gas pipeline growth up to 2022’

The region is set to add 49,321 kilometres of new pipework, making up nearly 30% of planned projects around the world

Flower power ‘saving lives from pollution’

The natural environment and its plants are helping to tackle pollution, improve health and save money. That’s according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which suggests the planet itself is playing a vital role in fighting the pollution caused by carbon-intensive transport and power generation. The ONS estimates around £1 […]

Scotland seeks views on Crown Estate devolution

A consultation to decide the future of Scotland’s Crown Estate opened yesterday. The Scottish Government is seeking views on how best to manage and devolve the lands owned by the group, which includes much of the country’s foreshore and seabed. The consultation will run until 29th March. It follows calls from those who suggested the […]