NHS trusts get cash injection for efficiency measures

The funding will primarily be used to install low carbon LED lighting

Sustainability ‘needed to deliver an NHS fit for the future’

Around 92% of NHS Estate Managers believe procurement departments are ignoring sustainability

Royal College of GPs to divest from fossil fuels

It is part of its plans to tackle climate change for good health and wellbeing of its patients

Upgrading outdated energy tech ‘could heal NHS spend by £260m a year’

If just half of NHS trusts adopted distributed energy solutions, they are expected to save at least £130m a year

NHS ‘could save millions with energy efficiency cures’

The NHS has the potential to save millions of pounds by improving energy efficiency measures across its estates. That’s according to the NHS Sustainability Campaign, which is calling on the government to support NHS Trusts demonstrating green behaviours and freeing up cash for front-line services. For example, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has cut down […]

New Defra regulations ‘to cost NHS £300m’

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is set to heap further pressure on NHS finances by preventing Trusts from participating in energy demand response programmes as it implements the EU Medium Combustion Plant Directive. New analysis shows NHS finances will lose out more than £27 million per year from 2019 once these […]

CHP heals hospitals’ energy bills by £7,500 a day

The Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Foundation Trust has reduced its energy costs by nearly £7,500 a day. It follows the installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, with the hospitals seeing an energy spend reduction of more than £231,000 in the first month’s full service of the CHP. Vital Energi replaced old […]

Challenges in the energy industry?

  Policy uncertainty and making the commercial case for demand side response and battery storage are some of the challenges for end users. Speaking to ELN at Energy Live Expo earlier this month, which attracted more than 550 people, including brokers, suppliers, students and experts from across the sector, an energy manager said the biggest challenge […]

How can embedded generation and demand side response boost income and savings?

Embedded generation and demand side response (DSR) should be on your radar if your business is thinking about generating its own electricity and possibly selling some to the grid. Embedded generation is the production of electricity from technologies, including renewables like solar, wind and biomass or non-renewables, that are directly connected to the distribution network. […]

Green measures heal NHS’ energy costs by £300m

The NHS has saved more than £300 million in energy costs as a result of implementing efficiency and sustainable measures. The announcement was made last week as part of the NHS Sustainability Day, through which it encourages staff to make green changes. It has also saved more than one million tonnes of carbon. NHS Trusts […]