Consultation opens for London-wide expansion of ULEZ

The scheme is designed to slash the amount of toxic air Londoners are being exposed to

Walking, wheeling and cycling helps Edinburgh cut 38k tonnes of emissions

A new report found 66% of residents in Edinburgh walk at least five days a week – more than any other mode of transport and above the national average of 50%

Scotland announces £100m funding to help public bodies boost energy efficiency

Around £15m of the funding is being made available through the Energy Efficiency Grant scheme in 2022/23, with eligible public bodies including NHS Boards and colleges

NHS Wales’ decarbonisation gets £2.4m jab

NHS Wales is targetting the cleanup of the carbon footprint of inhalers

Government criticised for signing ‘PPE recycling’ contracts

Veolia and Suez have reportedly been awarded contracts that will allow them to ‘incinerate’ unused PPE at their sites

‘NHS not on track to hit net zero targets’

Without urgent action, the health service will not achieve net zero by 2040 – a new report claims

Gazprom gas exports beyond former Soviet Union ‘dive 28.5% year-on-year’

Gas exports were 15.6% higher in the first half of March compared to the first fifteen days of February, according to Gazprom

UK looks at burning hundreds of tonnes of PPE per month to generate electricity

Nearly 15,000 pallets of unused masks and gloves could be burnt to generate energy

Battery to help hospital slash nearly 50k tonnes of CO2 emissions

Veolia has installed a new battery energy storage system at the 500-bed Rotherham Hospital in the North of England

Government plans to convert face masks into curtains and bedsheets

Health Minister said 22 million visors have already been recycled in a bid to tackle PPE waste