Prescription for warm homes: NHS trial heats up energy efficiency

A new scheme aided vulnerable and low income individuals in Aberdeen, Middlesbrough, Gloucestershire, and London

A recent trial of an Energy Systems Catapult-funded programme conducted in collaboration with the NHS and local energy advice organisations has shown promising results in enhancing energy efficiency and improving the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals.

The programme identifies individuals vulnerable to health issues exacerbated by cold conditions and provides immediate support to maintain a healthy and warm home environment.

The latest trial of the Warm Home Prescription (WHP) programme shows notable positive outcomes for both recipients and healthcare professionals involved.

More than 80% of recipients reported heating their homes to warmer temperatures than in previous years, with 51% achieving significantly warmer temperatures.

This resulted in substantial improvements in the physical and mental wellbeing of 79% and 70% of recipients, respectively.

Moreover, there was a statistically significant reduction in self-reported overnight hospital stays during the trial, suggesting the potential to ease the burden on healthcare services.

Recipients of the WHP also reduced their reliance on primary care health services, such as GP appointments and prescriptions, compared to previous years.

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