Japan ‘to build 20GW of coal-fired capacity over next decade’

It will depend on how many suspended nuclear reactors resume operation

Chernobyl “landmark” as safety hood in place

Work on a huge shelter to contain the radioactivity at the site of the deadly Chernobyl nuclear disaster passed a “landmark” moment on Friday. Effectively the New Safe Confinement NSC is a tough shell around the remains of the nuclear reactor in Ukraine which was destroyed in 1986. It took a full day to successfully […]

Blog: Two years since Fukushima, UK musn’t ignore disaster’s lessons

“No more Fukushima! No more Fukushima!” this was the impassioned cry of Japanese protestors at a march I covered before Christmas. Holding aloft yellow paper lanterns decorated with the three-pronged nuclear power sign crossed out in black, they were clear: we must not let the nuclear accident happen again. For those anti-nuke walkers, the best […]

Workers evacuated as Chernobyl roof collapses

Around 80 workers at the nuclear power plant Chernobyl (pictured) in Ukraine were evacuated when part of a roof collapsed earlier this week. Work is underway to build a huge new cover for the reactor around the existing shelter known as the “sarcophagus” which currently contains the radiation. Ukrainian officials tried to quell fears that […]

Fukushima butterflies are “abnormal”

Radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster has caused “severe abnormalities” in butterflies which lived in the surrounding environment. According to research published in the journal Scientific Reports, the accident caused “physiological and genetic damage” to the pale grass blue butterfly, the Zizeeria maha, a common type of butterfly in Japan. As a result of a 9.0 […]

UK nuclear plants start stress tests

All of the UK’s nuclear power stations have started ‘stress tests’ as part of a Europe wide review of safety in light of the Fukushima accident. Following flooding of the Japanese plant, every nuclear power generating country in Europe agreed to undertake relevant tests to see how their stations would cope with extreme natural events, […]