IAEA chief warns of ‘very real risk’ of disaster at nuclear plant in Ukraine

He said he was ‘extremely concerned’ about the ‘serious situation’ at Europe’s largest nuclear plant, which he warned could threaten public health and the environment in Ukraine and beyond

Sizewell C ‘a step forward’ for energy supply and reliability

That’s the claim of an economics professor, after the government granted the site right to go-ahead

UK consults on new nuclear reactor at Sizewell C in Suffolk

The Environment Agency is seeking views over a 12-week period on its proposed decision to grant three permits relating for the planned £20m nuclear power plant

EU investigates Czech support for new nuclear power plant

The nuclear plant in Dukovany will have a capacity of up to 1,200MW and is scheduled to start operating in 2036

IEA: “Building sustainable energy systems will be riskier without nuclear”

Nearly 63% of current nuclear power capacity is more than 30 years old, according to a report

Magnox: Final milestone achieved at one of UK’s most iconic nuclear plants

Staff at Sellafield’s Magnox Reprocessing Plant have safely reprocessed the final box of spent fuel, marking the completion of a 10-year programme

Nuclear waste removed from Sellafield

The waste has been held for 60 years, in what the NDA calls one of its most hazardous sites

EDF: Hinkley Point C nuclear plant delayed and costs to soar by £3bn

Costs have been estimated to range between £25bn and £26bn and the nuclear plant in Somerset is expected to start operating a year later than planned – now in June 2027

Chernobyl nuclear plant staff ‘stole fuel from Russians to prevent catastrophic incident’

Officials at the station reportedly confirmed drone footage released by Ukrainian military showed Russian troops dug trenches and stayed there, the BBC reported

Russian troops leave Chernobyl nuclear power plant site

Ukraine informed the International Atomic Energy Agency, in writing, that Russia had transferred control of the nuclear plant to Ukrainian personnel and moved two convoy of troops towards Belarus