UK Energy Secretary impressed by advanced nuclear solution

Grant Shapps has visited MoltexFLEX, a British-based developer of advanced nuclear technology and energy storage

‘Europe’s most powerful’ nuclear reactor kicks into action in Finland

The Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor is predicted to provide around 30% of Finland’s electricity

EDF warns cost of Hinkley Point C could soar more than 20%

The Hinkley Point C power plant in Somerset could end up costing £33 billion

France to speed up new nuclear buildup

French Energy Minister has said a new nuclear reactor will soon be greenlit

US companies partner on nuclear fuel recycling

The partnership between Curio and Energy Northwest is part of the former company’s plans to deploy what it claims will be the first commercial nuclear fuel recycling facility in the US

France unveils plans to nationalise EDF

The French state currently holds an 84% stake in the company

If you believed they put a nuclear power station on the Moon

NASA aims to launch a nuclear power station on the moon by 2030

Government cements Energy Security Strategy with £375m package

Hydrogen production, next-gen nuclear and carbon capture technology will benefit from the new funding

Finland’s much-delayed nuclear plant starts producing power

The Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor, Finland’s first new nuclear plant in four decades, has recently started test production

US injects $36m into fight against nuclear waste

The funding will support projects designed to resolve the nuclear waste and storage challenges