Urgent 12-day alert for all energy bill payers

Customers have been urged to take a meter reading photo ahead of the 1st October price cap change to avoid potential overcharges

As the new price cap for energy comes into effect on 1st October, all billpayers have been advised to take a meter reading photo to ensure they are accurately billed.

Consumer rights expert Martin Lewis said: “With monthly direct debit, firms estimate your usage, and assign it to a certain period, so submitting a reading within a few days of the change (many let you backdate a few days, too) reduces the risk of their ‘estimating’ going against you (though there’s always a chance a discrepancy could end up in your favour).”

Last winter, the typical UK household paid an annualised energy bill of around £2,100, after deducting thousands of pounds in government support.

This year, from 1st October to the end of December, energy bills for an average household will be £1,923.

It is worth noting that the energy price cap does not limit household energy bills – these bills depend on how much energy customers use.

Martin Lewis introduced the concept of “meter reading week” to ease the burden on a specific day.

Mr Lewis emphasised that submitting readings a few days before or after the changeover makes little difference and is more convenient for both consumers and energy companies.

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