‘Oiled’ birds spotted after pipeline leak in Poole Harbour

Environmental charities have warned that the oil spill in Dorset could have a long-term impact on the area’s nature reserves

Dorset declares major incident following 200-barrel fluid leak

Authorities have said 200 barrels of reservoir fluid, including oil leaked into Poole Harbour

Ship to arrive and prevent massive oil spill in Yemen

The ship in question holds four times the amount of oil carried by the Exxon Valdez, which caused one of the worst environmental disasters in US history when it spilled in 1989

Keystone pipeline shuts due to oil spill

More than 14,000 barrels of crude oil spilled into a creek in Kansas

UN calls for funds to stop huge oil spill in Yemen

It is asking for $80m to prevent one million barrels of oil from leaking into the Red Sea

‘Thousands of litres of diesel’ spilled near Galapagos Islands

A ship carrying 47 diesel barrels sank off the coast of one of Ecuador’s ecologically sensitive areas

Canada launches $10m Oil Spill Response Challenge

The solution with the greatest net benefit to the Canadian oil spill regime will be awarded a $2m grand prize

Force Majeure declared on Eni’s Nigerian oil flows

An oil pipeline was hit by a blast causing a spill, Eni has said

Eni UK confirmed nearly 500 barrels of oil spilled into sea off the Welsh Coast

Energy Minister said authorities are working closely with Eni UK to “ensure the company fulfils its legal obligation”

Nigeria spill case against Shell to be heard in English courts

Case revolves around 40,000 people affected by oil pollution in the Niger Delta