EU reaches deal to increase carbon removals from land use, forestry and agriculture

The agreement boosts the EU’s target for net carbon removals by natural sinks to 310m tonnes of CO2 equivalent by 2030

Amateur gardeners to be banned from using peat compost from 2024

Peatlands are the UK’s largest carbon store but only around 13% are said to be in a near-natural state

Climate change threatening our history?

Rising temperatures could claim a new victim in 22,500 archaeological sites across the UK

First round of £50m scheme for peatland restoration launched

Peatlands play a vital role in trapping carbon and provide wider benefits such as improved ecosystems and biodiversity, better water quality and natural flood management

Scotland awards £22m to restore iconic peatlands to cut emissions

Restoring peatlands will help remove and store carbon from the atmosphere, support habitats and species, improve water quality and manage flood risk

New £30m large-scale UK trial to remove greenhouse gases begins

One of the projects will investigate the management of peatlands to maximise their removal of greenhouse gas emissions

Can 250,000 green apprenticeships fix the youth unemployment crisis?

A new report warns if the current youth unemployment rate remains the same for a year, it could cost the economy £39bn