MPs call for more scrutiny on carbon budgets

The Environmental Audit Committee has underscored the need for parliamentary scrutiny to address concerns about the UK potentially falling short on the fifth and sixth carbon budgets

Environmental watchdog probes potential failures in sewage regulation

An Office for Environmental Protection investigation has revealed potential legal breaches, accusing regulators of permitting more frequent raw sewage discharges than regulations allow

UK considers removing VAT on battery storage installed after solar panels

The Environmental Audit Committee has called for a VAT removal to unlock full potential of household-generated solar power

Sun blocked: ‘UK struggles to reach solar energy targets’

MPs have warned that the UK faces barriers to achieving its full solar potential due to a lack of affordable loans and inadequate battery storage

UK to present revised Net Zero Strategy before the end of March

Secretary of State for Energy Security, Grant Shapps has declared that achieving net zero is an integral part of his new department

MPs urge government to set clear end date for new oil and gas

The Environmental Audit Committee has said the UK needs a national ‘war effort’ mobilisation to transition away from fossil fuels

MPs hit out at “culture of delay” putting UK environmental goals on hold

The Environmental Audit Committee has pointed out that several ‘green’ policies and initiatives have been delayed

Government urged to implement green principles rapidly on policymaking

MPs said the government has delayed the rollout of its Environmental Principles

Business Secretary’s absence from EAC’s “important” session criticised

Kwasi Kwarteng informed the committee he was not able to attend a few hours before the session starts

Full marks for new school subject: natural history

The new GCSE will be available from September 2025