Photosynthesis ‘hack’ unlocks new renewable energy possibilities!

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found a way that could improve the efficiency of photosynthesis, generating clean fuel and renewable energy

Earth ‘could support nearly a billion additional hectares of trees’

Acting as a carbon sink, these forests could potentially cut the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by about a quarter

Climate change is causing more storms – but could trees adapt?

New ecological research suggests trees could grow more efficient leaves to compensate for storm damage

Scientists take step forward in solar production of hydrogen

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have used artificial photosynthesis to generate the clean gas

Scientists copy plants to make fuel efficiently

British scientists are copying the way plants generate energy from the sun, with a manmade version of chlorophyll they say will make renewable energy more efficient. The £800,000 research project will use tiny solar panels to mimic the process of photosynthesis, which is how plants change sunlight into energy to help them grow. The energy […]