UK mulls ban on plastic wet wipes

The government has launched a consultation aimed at banning wet wipes containing plastic across the UK

A consultation has been launched in the UK to consider banning wet wipes containing plastic, with the objective of combating plastic pollution and safeguarding waterways.

Wet wipes containing plastic gradually break down into harmful microplastics, adversely affecting the environment and human health.

By prohibiting such wet wipes, the aim is to mitigate these problems and diminish the influx of microplastics into wastewater treatment facilities when incorrectly disposed of.

This initiative is in alignment with the UK Government’s Plan for Water, aiming to enhance investment, regulation and enforcement within the water system to address plastic and microplastic pollution.

Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey said: “Wet wipes containing plastic are unnecessary and are polluting our environment.

“Today’s plan shows we will continue to tackle plastic pollution in our waterways, building on banning microbeads in personal care products to taking billions of plastic bags out of circulation.”

The consultation will continue for six weeks, concluding on 25th November.

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