UN: Tougher plastic waste policies needed in Southeast Asia

More than half of the land-based plastic pollution in the world’s oceans originates from just five countries, four of which are in Southeast Asia

Energy UK sets out policy proposals for next government

The organisation says the policies are needed if the country is to meet its 2050 net zero target at the lowest cost to consumers

Climate policies ‘could determine the UK’s next election’

That’s the suggestion from environmental lawyers ClientEarth, which has polled 2,0001 adults from across the UK about their feelings on climate change action

Climate change: UK shouldn’t wait for ‘shiny new’ tech but use solutions already available

Harriet Lamb, CEO of Ashden, calls on the government to aim for net zero emissions by 2030 instead of the current 2050 goal

Urban climate policies ‘could avoid 1.3m deaths by 2030’

A new report suggests implementing clean approaches could also create 14 million city-based jobs

EU nations ‘giving limited information on effects of policies to cut emissions’

The European Environment Agency warns there is not enough information to calculate the exact impacts of current national mitigation policies

‘Tougher UK policies needed’ for clean energy success

The UK will require an “ambitious policy package” if it wants to reduce carbon emissions and embrace renewable energy. That’s according to researchers from University College London. It suggests government policies are a vital part of changing the way the country supports clean energy and sustainability efforts. They believe policies “may be falling short”, hindering […]

Nicola Sturgeon: UK energy policy needs Scottish voice

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a new approach to the UK’s relationship with Scotland on energy issues. She said key decisions on energy policy should be made after consulting with the Scottish Government. Ms Sturgeon’s call came as she met with industry experts at the latest meeting of the Scottish Energy Advisory Board […]

UK ranked sixth most sustainable country in the world

Sweden has been dubbed the most sustainable country in the world in a new ranking, beating the UK which came in sixth place. A new report rated a total of 59 countries on a range of environmental and social issues, including how a country’s government deals with an ageing population, the type of policies and […]