Vatenfall explores building small modular reactors in Sweden

It is looking at the conditions for building at least two SMRs adjacent to the Ringhals nuclear power plant and bring them into operation by the early 2030s

Global solar and wind on track to meet climate targets

Wind and solar surpassed 10% of global electricity for the first time ever, according to a new report

Delhi’s power demand reaches season high as heatwave strikes

With temperatures reaching 46°C peak power demand set to surge

China sees power demand dip lower than in 2008 recession

The first two months of the year saw a 7.8% decline in power demand as a result of industrial and commercial stagnation

SP Energy Networks turns to AI to forecast power demand and generation

The software will be used in the real-time management of the network and forward planning when assessing the impact of new connections across the system

EVs could fuel 3.5GW UK peak power demand by 2030

Electric vehicles (EVs) could potentially increase peak demand for electricity by 3.5GW by 2030. That’s according to National Grid, which forecasts in the long term, they could fuel demand by as much as 18GW – the equivalent capacity of nearly six Hinkley Point nuclear power stations – during peak times by 2050. Its analysis forecasts […]

Denver’s dope habit leads to high power demand

Around 45% of Denver’s power growth is coming from its booming legal marijuana industry! Denver officials said last week at a forum on energy use the electricity used by the marijuana industry presents a new efficiency challenge as the city aims to cap energy use at 2012 levels. City energy staffers appealed to a US Department of Energy […]

Flat and coal-d? National Grid predicts winter energy prices

Next winter’s energy prices will be fairly flat except when it comes to gas – and lots of coal use is likely according to National Grid’s prediction for the winter. The National Grid is responsible for getting energy moved around the country and balancing the grid’s electricity and gas use. Its latest report picks out trends from […]