Octopus teams up with AeroVolt for electric plane charging

Octopus Energy and AeroVolt have collaborated to simplify electric plane charging, allowing pilots to charge their aircraft with ease using Octopus Electroverse platform at AeroVolt's charging points across the UK

Pilots of electric planes in the UK will be able to charge their aircraft effortlessly, thanks to a partnership between Octopus Energy and AeroVolt.

This collaboration integrates Octopus Electroverse, an electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, with AeroVolt.

The initiative enables pilots to access AeroVolt’s airside chargers nationwide through the Electroverse platform.

This development is part of Octopus Energy‘s broader strategy to accelerate the adoption of electric transportation.

Studies have indicated that electric planes, particularly small two-seater aircraft used for short flights, have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional fossil fuel-powered counterparts.

AeroVolt currently operates charge points at seven UK sites, including airports in Bournemouth, Lydd, Dunkeswell and Shoreham, with plans to introduce 12 more in the near future.

Additionally, discussions are underway with nearly 70 additional airports to install chargers.

Octopus Electroverse, known as the largest EV roaming service in the UK, has simplified on-the-go charging for electric car drivers by offering a unified charging experience through a single card and app.

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