OVO secures £200m investment amid “challenging year”

Existing investors have bolstered their shareholding in the energy supplier, with a transaction valued at approximately £200 million, a boost to the company that witnessed a nearly 90% decline in profits

UK’s energy future: Sunak confirms major announcement tomorrow

The Prime Minister has said an optimistic and pragmatic plan will be unveiled on Thursday for securing the UK’s energy future and achieving net zero emissions by 2050

“Nearly £20bn in government funding for energy storage is needed by 2030”

Almost 10% of grid capacity will be provided by battery storage by 2030, according to a new report

IEA member countries agree on new release of emergency oil

The agreement, which is the second oil release confirmed in a month, was reached on Friday, the details of which will be made public this week

Ofgem plans to extend price cap monitoring period

The move aims to support suppliers trading in an extremely volatile market

Are customers ready for a new price cap every three months?

Price cap could also work as a ‘fixed mortgage’ under new proposals

Industrial users will ‘bear the brunt’ to cut carbon

Industrial users will have to take the heat to achieve increased carbon reductions in the coming years as Governments around the world struggle to do so. That’s according to a new white paper by Schneider Electric Professional Services, which looked at the five global trends shaping the future of energy. It suggested “harsh lessons” from […]

CCS has moved down energy industry’s priority list

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has changed “most radically” over the past year and the issue has now moved down the industry’s priority list says the World Energy Council. In its  latest publication,  ‘2013 World Energy Issues Monitor’ which is an annual assessment of the issues impacting the global and regional energy sector, energy leaders […]