UK’s energy future: Sunak confirms major announcement tomorrow

The Prime Minister has said an optimistic and pragmatic plan will be unveiled on Thursday for securing the UK’s energy future and achieving net zero emissions by 2050

On Thursday, the Energy Secretary will present a hopeful and practical strategy for ensuring the UK’s energy security and reaching net zero emissions by 2050, the Prime Minister has confirmed.

During a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Rishi Sunak said that the Energy Secretary will announce an “ambitious, positive and practical set of plans”.

The government’s new strategy is expected to explore ways to further reduce emissions and boost the economy and employment, including the expansion of nuclear power.

Grant Shapps cited the recent surge in energy costs due to Putin‘s aggression in Ukraine as a reminder of the need for action.

The government has used taxes on energy company profits to assist households with around half of their energy bills, which is worth roughly £1,500 annually.

In the meeting, the Energy Secretary also highlighted the UK’s progress in renewable energy, including the forthcoming launch of the world’s four largest offshore wind farms and a 25% increase in wind power in 2022.

The Prime Minister has promised to continue promoting innovation to establish the UK as the premier destination for green technology investment.

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