Government launches search for locations to home prototype fusion energy plant

The Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production project is targeted for completion by 2040 and will be delivered through the UK Atomic Energy Authority

Zero emission motorcycle enters the race

Energica and Samsung have teamed up to create the Bolid-E Electric Motorcycle Prototype

‘World’s tallest self-erecting turbine tower’ installed in Spain

It has been installed in under two weeks without the use of large cranes

US launches ‘first’ grid-connected offshore floating turbine

The “first” grid-connected offshore floating wind turbine in the US has officially been launched. Called the VolturnUS (pictured), the 65-foot tall turbine has a total capacity of 6MW and was deployed in the Penobscot River off the coast of Castine in the northeastern state of Maine. The project was funded by the US Department of […]