Asda reduces plastic with recyclable packaging for beef mince

Asda has introduced recyclable plastic film packaging for its Just Essentials beef mince range, replacing plastic trays

Sainsbury’s supercharges sustainability with most energy-efficient store yet

The retailer has unveiled a store in Hook, Hampshire, boasting 50% less energy consumption than similar-sized stores

“The cheapest and cleanest energy is the one that we never consume”

Karol Gobczyński, Head of Climate and Energy at Ingka Group, the largest IKEA retailer in 31 countries, told ELN that refraining from investing during the era of energy transition and crisis cannot be considered a viable solution

Strutting your stuff in net zero shoes?

A San Francisco company claims it’s made the first net zero shoes and they could be on sale next year!

H&M signs Sweden’s largest solar PPA

The agreement is for a 90MW solar park to power the retailer’s operations

Fizzy drinks are better than burgers for the planet!

New Oxford University research could open the door to eco-labels for thousands of supermarket food products

Amazon’s CO2 emissions grew 18% in 2021

The retail giant has admitted that there are “big challenges” ahead as it races to reach its 2040 net zero target

Is Britain’s carbon-neutrality a chicken and egg situation?

Morrisons has introduced “carbon-neutral” eggs from hens fed on insects – which are in turn fed on food waste

IKEA’s owner injects €190m in Polish wind and solar

The group purchased a “ready-to-build” wind farm and solar park, located in north-western Poland

Sainsbury’s pledges to remove Russian diesel from its petrol stations

Sainsbury’s has unveiled plans to stop selling diesel from Russia across its 315 petrol filling stations