Self-driving vessels complete North Sea seabed survey trials

The technology identifies offshore renewable, CCS and oil and gas sites located under the seabed, removing the need for carbon-intensive exploration vessels

Divertor remote handling system
Sunderland-based engineers develop fusion reactor robot

Assystem is developing a machine able to withstand large levels of heat and radiation to remove impurities from plasma and replace components

Drax learns the nuts and bolts of new robot tech

It could help manage the hundreds of train movements each month and reduce the time needed to check-in fuel deliveries by up to six hours a day

Daisy – Apple’s new iPhone recycling robot

It extracts components for other uses which traditional recyclers cannot

Robot helps clean-up Sellafield nuclear site

  A robot has been sent into Sellafield’s most hazardous nuclear waste store for the first time. Called ‘Avexis’, it will help dislodge and clear waste from the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo, which was built in the 1960s to store waste from the UK’s earliest nuclear reactors. The £10,000 remotely operated vehicle, developed by Cumbrian […]

Funding worth £750k offered for robot power packs

Organisations can now apply for funding to develop on-board power generators for robots. The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) is offering a share of £750,000 to any group that can offer a promising concept for replacing the batteries on a robot with a small, lightweight power generator. The CDE needs to find a technology to improve the operating time of robots […]

UK insulation robot wins international award

A UK company that developed a robot which insulates homes has bagged an international award. Q-Bot Limited was picked as the best start-up at the Invention and Entrepreneurship in Robotics and Automation Awards held at a major industry conference in Seattle, US. The company uses a four-wheeled robot inserted through an air vent to survey […]

I’ll be back! (To fix that gas leak)

A robot has been used by Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) to fix gas mains from the inside for the first time in the UK. The firm said the technology will enable it to fix leaks in some of its larger iron gas mains – which tend to be in densely populated, traffic heavy areas – […]

Toshiba’s new nuclear inspection robot

Toshiba has unveiled a new robot (pictured) that it says can withstand high radiation and work in risky nuclear areas. The four-legged Tetrapod robot has been built to carry out investigative and recovery work in off-limit locations such as the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Weighing 65kg and able to carry up to 20kg, the robot […]

Robojelly: Renewable technology of the future

Scientists in America claim they have created a renewable technology breakthrough which could “never run out of energy”. The invention known as ‘Robojelly’ might sound like an underwater crime fighter from the future, but the robotic jellyfish is more likely to be used for peaceful purposes such as search and rescue operations. The robot is […]