Europe urged to clamp down on growing greenhouse gases black market

Illegal hydrofluorocarbons smuggled into the EU amount to nearly 30% of the legal trade, according to the Environmental Investigation Agency

Romania granted EU approval for €500m forestry scheme

The scheme is aimed at supporting owners of agricultural land suitable for afforestation to establish new forest areas that will generate a positive climatic impact in the long term

Over 60s dubbed heaviest CO2 emitters of all!

People over 60 account for 33% of greenhouse gas emissions, new study suggests

Air pollution when you hit the slopes?

A new report reveals how much air pollution there is in some of the world’s most popular skiing resorts

Each person ‘generated waste equal to the weight of a camel’

Europe produced 225.7 million tonnes of municipal waste in 2020, according to new research

EU greenlights €2.7bn restructuring aid for Romanian power company

CE Oltenia, active in power generation, local heat supply and mining, is the third largest producer of electricity in Romania

EU backs renewables and power network upgrades in Romania with €120m loan

It will support the rollout of advanced metering and the integration of renewable energy generation such as solar and wind, supporting the green transition in Romania

Romania’s first green bond backed by EBRD

It has been issued by Raiffeisen Bank Romania, which has raised €81m to finance climate and environmental projects

EU approves €254m Romanian aid to upgrade district heating system

The district heating system in Bucharest is the largest of its kind in the EU and the second largest in the world, serving 1.2m people

EU approves €150m Romanian scheme to support district heating systems

Romania will provide funding for district heating installations and distribution networks based exclusively on renewable energy sources