Why has the UK delayed the decision to cut off Russia from oil insurance market?

The UK has reportedly not introduced restrictions that could have Russia shut off from the oil cargo insurance market

EDF and Veolia criticised for keeping ties to Russia

Energy companies have been accused of holding contracts that indirectly fund Russia

Gazprom: Risks remain on gas turbine delivery for Nord Stream

The energy giant has confirmed it has received documents from Siemens Energy but concerns remain

Gazprom asks Siemens to provide papers on gas turbine return

The company has said it expects Siemens to fulfill its obligation on the repair of gas turbine engines

UK’s crude oil imports from Russia dropped to £0 in May

In April, the UK imported Russian petroleum worth around £59 million, according to official data

Canada faces legal action over its decision to return Nord Stream 1 turbine

A Ukrainian group has said Canada’s decision to allow the return was not “reasonable, transparent or properly authorised”

Gazprom ‘will not pay dividends this year’

It’s been 24 years since the last time the energy giant took a similar step

G7 look to hit Russia with oil price cap

The nations are hopeful this will prevent further financing of the war in Ukraine

Price cap predicted to spike to more than £2,900 for the first time

Analysts forecast a further upward pressure in gas prices as Russia cut supplies to more countries

EU agrees to ban 75% of Russian oil imports

The European Council has said an estimated 90% of the Russian oil imported into Europe will be banned