Forget washed up whales… monster fatberg hits seaside town

The build up of fat, wet wipes and grease in Sidmouth, Devon, is larger than some models of Boeing 747 airliner

Sewer blockages ‘costing Londoners £12m every year’

The London Assembly says once removed, blockages are often incinerated, further polluting the city’s air

Thames Water declares victory over ‘monster fatberg’

Thames Water’s nine-week battle against the “monster fatberg” in Whitechapel has come to an end. The fatberg below the east London street, found in September, was a solid mass of fat, oil, wet wipes, condoms and other sanitary products. The water company said the work took longer than expected due to the damage the fatberg […]

Thames Water completes multi-million pound sewer

Work on one of the largest sewers in the Thames Valley has been completed. The multi-million pound project has been built to support 6,000 new homes at Great Western Park and Valley Park. Specialist tunnelling machinery was used to lay 1,200 metres of pipe – three times around an athletics track – measuring 1.2 metres […]

Secret WW2 air raid shelter found near sewers

An air raid shelter built in the Second World War was discovered by engineers planning a sewer upgrade in Tottenham. Thames Water stumbled upon the hitherto unknown shelter believed to have been built around 1940. Under the ground at Tariff Road in north London, it measures 10 metres long, 2.5m wide and 2m high. It […]

Ofwat rejects Thames Water’s 8% price rise request

Britain’s water industry regulator has said it plans to block Thames Water’s proposal to increase customer bills by 8% next year. Ofwat has published a draft decision that would disallow the water company’s request for the interim rise, which would add an extra £29 to the annual average household bill – currently at £354 a […]

Flushing waste costs Scottish Water £7m a year

Blockages caused by household waste – such as baby nappies, wipes and grease – being flushed down the toilets are costing Scottish Water millions of pounds every year. The company has revealed it spends around £7 million a year clearing more than 45,000 blockages in the sewer network, with around 80% of them caused by […]