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British Gas expands solar reach

British Gas has partnered with Forster Group to offer nationwide solar power and battery storage installations

British Gas has announced an expansion of its solar power offerings across the UK through a partnership aimed at enabling nationwide installations.

The collaboration seeks to meet the increasing demand for solar panel and battery storage technology among homeowners.

Following the successful launch of British Gas’s solar services in England and Wales last year, this partnership extends the availability of solar technology to eligible customers in Scotland as well.

The move aligns with British Gas and Hive’s commitment to helping customers reduce carbon emissions and save money on their energy bills.

The new partnership is expected to boost the number of accredited engineers working with British Gas by 55%.

Customers interested in solar panel installation can take advantage of a free consultation tailored to their energy needs and home layout.

Through a survey, they can receive estimates on costs, savings, and installation options without any obligation.

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