UAE and Italy ink sustainable development agreement

They have agreed to work together in the fields of climate action and environmental sustainability

World Bank issues record $1.4bn catastrophe bond

The World Bank has launched a $1.4 billion (£1bn) sustainable development bond covering earthquakes in Latin America. It is said to be the largest earthquake catastrophe bond on record and will provide earthquake relief for Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The bond highlights four of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which includes good […]

Norway to double renewable support by 2019

Norway is to double its support for renewable energy in developing nations by 2019. The government has proposed an increase in aid funding for green power projects from NOK495 million (£46.2m) in 2017 to NOK1 billion (£93m) in 2019. The money will be channeled through the country’s Norfund instrument, which aims to secure funding for business development and job […]

‘Cities need to go green to hit COP21 goals’

Cities need to be built and managed differently if the Paris Agreement targets are to be achieved. That’s according to Future Cities Catapult Chair Keith Clarke, who says $30 trillion (£24.08tn) of infrastructure work will be needed to meet urban priorities against the backdrop of the Paris agreement. This is largely due to massive forecasted increases […]

Kansas motion to ban all things ‘sustainable’

Kansas may culturally be known as home of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – but some of its lawmakers may not have the same green leaning as the Emerald City. A politician in the US prairie state proposed a bill which would ban the use of public funds to promote “sustainable development”. The bill […]

Ban Ki Moon praises Scotland’s green energy policy

The UN Secretary General has praised Scotland for its “deep commitment” to sustainable energy. Ban Ki Moon wrote to the Scottish First Minister to invite the country to deepen its international engagement on the sustainable energy agenda. In the letter, the Secretary General acknowledged Scotland is in an “excellent position” to play a strong role […]

Businesses need to improve energy efficiency

The Government must work together with businesses in the UK to save resources and increase energy efficiency, the CBI said today. This collaboration is needed to encourage businesses to come up with solutions for achieving greater energy efficiencies and using fewer resources, says the business lobby. Dr Neil Bentley, CBI Deputy Director-General said: “The CBI […]

Sustainable Development for Universities

ELN interview Steve Egan about Sustainable Development