UK funds AI tech for better solar grid integration

Twelve green AI projects have secured a collective £1 million fund aimed at propelling renewable energy

Digital twin drives ‘carbon-neutral’ wastewater treatment plant

Severn Trent Water aims to remove direct process emissions from wastewater treatment using digital twin technology

JET celebrates 40 years of fusion energy progress

The UK Atomic Energy Authority continues to operate JET, contributing to global efforts in fusion energy development

UK fusion magnets to be tested in US lab

ELN has caught up with Max Rowland, a fusion engineer from Abingdon, who has embarked on a six-month mission in the US for Tokamak Energy

Salty solution: Researchers shake things up with affordable CO2 capture

Researchers have found a new way to store carbon dioxide by creating structures made from a special salt

UK’s Tokamak Energy to test fusion magnets in US power plant

The tests aim to ensure the magnets can withstand the conditions required to confine and control hydrogen fuel for clean fusion energy

UK’s new green aviation company takes off towards zero-emissions future

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Britten-Norman are merging to create the ‘world’s first’ fully integrated, zero-emissions sub-regional aircraft, with up to £10 million investment

Space-Based Solar Power Plants… We have lift off!

The ESA has given the green light to two concept commercial-scale power plants

Leaked document claims Chinese spy balloon uses solar to power data collection

The document states that it had 10KW of solar capacity on board – similar to what would be found on a regular rooftop array

Is this the world’s first utility to electrify its operations with ChatGPT?

DEWA has announced it will use ChatGPT technology to improve the experiences of its customers and employees