Tory leadership debate: Will the environment and net zero emissions be top priorities?

A televised debate saw the five candidates answer various questions from the public

Tory MPs call on PM to use EU farming subsidies to protect the environment

A total of 36 Conservative MPs are urging Theresa May to shift billions of pounds of post-Brexit farm subsidies towards protecting the environment. Through the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), UK farmers receive £3 billion annually. In a letter, the Tory MPs are calling on the Prime Minister to “take advantage of the repatriation of CAP by shifting […]

Davey fears political consensus on energy “breaking down”

Energy Secretary Ed Davey today sounded the alarm bells about political consensus on energy, saying it is “in danger of breaking down”. In a speech to members of the thinktank IPPR, the Lib Dem MP said energy investment relies on politicians who are “ready to put the national interest above party interest”. Touching briefly on […]

Blog: this fortnight’s energy farce is oinking ridiculous

DISCLAIMER: this little piggy’s energy blog is not taking sides. It is not going to follow a party political bias. Instead, it’s just oinking disgusted with every creature on the manure-steeped farmyard that stands for our Government. From the Tory Prime Minister who makes up energy policy on the hoof, to the crowing Labour Shadow […]

Editorial: Cam on where’s my green government?

In today’s speech by David Cameron the PM revelled in being unapologetically posh. The PM didn’t hide his privileged roots at Eton, his views on discipline, his tough talk on benefit cheats and his caring conservatism when it comes to the NHS. The blue rinse brigade are no longer all white, elderly and home counties […]

Tory MPs ask Cameron to cut wind subsidy

More than 100 backbench MPs have written to David Cameron to object over the Government’s support for onshore wind energy. The mostly Tory contingent express concern over the cost of backing wind power to taxpayers in a letter to the Prime Minister sent at the end of January. The MPs wrote: “In these financially straitened […]

Nuclear power: still splitting opinion

ELN attends the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester