Scotland to step up its investments in clean energy

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon says the nation aims to be a high-innovation, low carbon economy

Greater Manchester ‘could lead energy shift but more investment needed’

The region has made 903,000 significant upgrades to home efficiency since 2005

InnoEnergy unveils venture to develop modern energy grids

The European sustainable energy engine has partnered with five Swedish energy firms to launch the initiative

UK establishes new energy research and expertise consortium

It is part of a £102.5m scheme to ensure the country prospers from the low carbon energy transition

Energy UK launches project to identify future energy challenges

The ‘Future of Energy’ aims to look ahead to 2028 to see how consumer expectations can be met

Oil and gas service firms ‘need to reset their businesses’

Firms providing oil and gas services must adopt new business models if they are to survive a low oil price operating environment. That’s according to a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which suggests companies in the sector need a “reset” to deal with the operational, financial and strategic challenges presented by the changing market. It […]

Global efficiency savings could hit $1.6tn by 2035

Rising efficiency and falling demand could save up to $1.6 trillion (£1.28tn) on energy by 2035. The figure, which is equivalent to the GDP of Canada, is according to new research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), which highlights a range of dramatic changes likely to be brought on by new technologies. The report predicts energy […]

‘Northern Powerhouse should lead energy transition”

The Northern Powerhouse should lead the energy transition with deals, not words. That is according to Denise Massey, the Managing Director of the Energy Innovation Centre. She says the shift to a green economy will require businesses from across all energy sectors to pull together and work in the same direction, if the UK is to achieve the energy trilemma challenge of sustainability, […]

New tool compares businesses’ green credentials

The Church of England and the Environment Agency are among the organisations that have launched a new tool which ranks companies’ sustainability credentials. It aims to help make climate concerns a more important part of investment decisions. A total of 13 investors, five asset managers and a range of other groups worth a combined £2 trillion have announced the Transition Pathway Initiative […]

German low carbon transition project begins

A German project to demonstrate the transition to a low carbon energy system has begun. The ‘Designetz’ consortium aims to develop a blueprint for an environmentally friendly, secure and affordable energy supply and demonstrate the benefits of such a system to the rest of the country. Led by energy firm innogy, the 46 project partners aim […]