EU hydrogen plans could put ever more pressure on energy prices

Higher energy prices will hit the markets if hydrogen plans do not include more renewable energy generation, new research finds

E-kerosene for cleaner skies?

European Commission has been urged to set an e-kerosene green jet fuel target

Will the UK watch the EV race from the back seat?

The UK is forecast to produce just 4% of the EVs built in Europe by 2030, according to a new report

UK’s rich flyers: Europe’s biggest polluters?

A new report suggests private jets leaving the UK emit more carbon dioxide than 20 other European countries combined

EVs will be ‘cheaper than diesel cars by 2027’

New research projects battery electric cars and vans could account for 100% of new sales by 2035

Is British Airways the ‘second biggest’ airline polluter in Europe?

A new report estimates the company’s emissions are similar to those from all the vans on the UK’s streets

Electric vehicle models in Europe to triple by 2021

Car manufacturers in the EU are expected to offer 214 electric models over the next three years

Carmakers gaming emissions tests ‘have cost European drivers €150bn’

The UK was the second top cheated nation, with British motorists having to fork out an extra €24.1bn in fuel costs

‘Nine in 10 diesel cars exceeding EU pollution limits’

Major car manufacturers are selling diesel cars which don’t meet the EU air pollution limits, a new report claims. Transport & Environment (T&E) revealed only one in 10 new cars complied the Euro 6 auto emissions standard set on September last year. Under the new regulation, diesel cars can have a maximum permitted level of […]