UKIP pledges to withdraw from Paris deal, repeal Climate Change Act

The UK Independent Party (UKIP) has vowed to withdraw from the Paris agreement and repeal the Climate Change Act if it wins the general election. It believes the Act, which it claims will cost the UK around £319 million, “has no basis in science” and its aim of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by […]

Political Plug-in: UKIP

Has UKIP hit a nerve with its energy policies? Find out what the electorate think!

Union slams UKIP’s ‘beyond barmy’ energy plan

The Unite union has branded UKIP’s pledge to scrap the government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) as “beyond barmy”. The party unveiled its manifesto today that includes a vow to abolish government departments, which it claims will lead to “considerable savings” for the taxpayer. Kevin Coyne, Unite national officer for energy and utilities […]

UKIP to axe energy department, repeal climate act

The UK Independent Party (UKIP) plans to get rid of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and repeal the Climate Change Act. It has also pledged to roll back emissions regulations for power plants in its manifesto, which was launched by leader Nigel Farage today. Climate Change Act The party believes the Climate […]

UKIP: Get fracking, invest in coal and scrap solar support

Support for solar and wind power would be scrapped under plans unveiled by the UK Independent Party (UKIP) today. Its manifesto, which was launched by leader Nigel Farage, says the party would only support renewable energy “where they can deliver electricity at competitive prices”. It believes the only major renewable technology that currently meets the […]

Green Party “outstrips UKIP” on members

The Green Party claims it now has more members than UKIP. Yesterday it announced the Greens have 43,829 members across UK, with more than 2,000 people joining the Green Partys of England and Wales on Wednesday (14 January) in less than 24 hours. UKIP claimed its membership hit around 39,000 in June 2014, revising this […]

Blog: Grudgingly, UKIP has a point on saving our shale gas wealth

It’s probably the only UKIP policy I can ever agree with. And it was presented in an otherwise mud-slinging speech by MEP Roger Helmer – the party’s energy lead who re-elected in last week’s EU elections – at UKIP’s annual conference last year. It goes something like this: if Britain plunges on with a shale […]

Davey fears political consensus on energy “breaking down”

Energy Secretary Ed Davey today sounded the alarm bells about political consensus on energy, saying it is “in danger of breaking down”. In a speech to members of the thinktank IPPR, the Lib Dem MP said energy investment relies on politicians who are “ready to put the national interest above party interest”. Touching briefly on […]

UKIP bets on shale gas

Home-grown is usually a must for UKIP – so what does that mean when it comes to energy? We’ll give you one guess – and it’s not wind power. ELN reporter Vicky Ellis hit their conference on Friday to find out about UKIP’s energy priorities and snatched 40 seconds with party leader Nigel Farage – luckily […]