‘No country has met its people’s needs without overusing natural resources for 30 years’

Every nation has abused planetary boundaries to meet its citizens’ needs, a new study claims

Melting away: Earth lost 28 trillion tonnes of ice between 1994 and 2017

The loss is equivalent to a 100-metre thick sheet of ice covering the whole of the UK, according to new research

Current sea level rise ‘matches worst-case climate warming scenarios’

The rising water levels could expose an additional 16 million people to annual coastal flooding, according to a new study

UK scientists win £1.2m to investigate ways to decarbonise steel industry

Steel manufacturing is a high carbon process and every tonne that is manufactured creates around 1.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide

University of Leeds leads the way in binning plastic waste

The university and its student union have committed to become single-use plastic-free by 2023

Asda to create ‘affordable green products’ for consumers

Asda has joined forces with the University of Leeds in a bid to create more affordable and sustainable products for its customers across the UK. They aim to establish what they claim will be the “largest ever study” solely focused on consumer attitudes towards sustainability and help find ways to help households save money at […]

Leeds University team works on Sellafield’s nuclear waste

A team from the University of Leeds has joined up with Sellafield nuclear plant (pictured) to develop a method of cleaning up radioactive waste safely and efficiently. The newly formed ‘Sludge Centre of Expertise’ will help Sellafield engineers work out a way to deal with the radioactive sludge from a distance, using remote monitoring equipment. […]