New £1.25m research to help deliver ‘fair and just’ net zero transition

The study will explore the causes and links between fuel and transport poverty and draw up recommendations designed to limit their impacts in the low carbon transition

Europe’s land ‘could hold enough wind turbines to power world until 2050’

Researchers have identified every potentially feasible location of onshore wind energy in the region

Queen opens history centre powered by biomass

The Queen gave a surreptitiously royal nod to sustainability when she officially opened a history centre powered by biomass. Accompanied by Prince Philip, Her Majesty perused the display at the Keep which houses archives up to 900 years old. It is sited next to the University of Sussex in the south coast of England. The […]

Shale gas could increase global resources by 50%

Shale gas could increase global gas resources by around 50%. That’s according to a new report funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), which looked at the current availability of unconventional gas resources at a regional and global level. Researchers claim that although the US has seen an increase in the production of shale […]

Government lays down the law on future nuclear generators

The Secretary of State for Energy has promised to learn the lessons of previous Governments who failed to effectively deal with the UK’s nuclear legacy. Mr Davey said DECC would ensure new nuclear does not fall into the pitfalls of the past and operators would have to cover the costs of their waste and decommissioning. […]

Universities in £1.6m energy research projects

The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) has commissioned four ambitious projects worth £1.6m. The projects involve researchers from 11 universities and institutes across the UK and address three key energy issues: the potential contribution of carbon capture and storage; spatial aspects of UK bio-energy development; and local and community governance of energy. UKERC research director […]