Will the cold snap bring energy blackouts?

Find out from an energy expert how the UK’s energy security fares against the harsh weather

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Winter supply margins

How real is the threat of ‘blackout Britain’? It’s that time of year when the media love to report on the prospect of the UK being plunged into darkness, as our energy supply struggles to cope with winter demand. On Friday, even the Financial Times reported an urgent ‘top-level’ meeting being called at Downing Street to […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Triad Warning Service

Are you set to save thousands this winter? It’s that time of year again, when large consumers turn their attention to the forthcoming Triad season and how best to manage consumption during peak periods. Many businesses take this extremely seriously. For example, in a survey we conducted of customers using our Triad Warning Service, some respondents […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Invoice Redesign

Making the bills make sense Whenever I buy something, I always want to clearly understand exactly what I’m paying for. Is service included? What about VAT and other extras? And how is the price broken down? It’s no different at work, perhaps even more so when you’re spending someone else’s money. Focusing on the detail […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Energy Matters

Reduce energy red tape – make your voice heard Red tape is one of those expressions, like winter cold, that is never popular or welcome – but is nevertheless a fact of life. So any initiative to reduce the bureaucratic burden of red tape for businesses has got to be good news. That’s why we […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on YEP event

Can innovation solve the energy trilemma? Balancing energy sustainability, security and affordability is a key aim for every government and every nation. But it’s also a big challenge, especially as each of these three factors often pulls in competing directions from the others. The solution is far from clear. We know we need to find […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Innovation Around Me

The innovation that’s saving money under my nose I’m always interested to read about innovation in the energy arena, and make it my business to keep up to date with new developments. But every time I come into our offices here in Solihull, I’m always struck by the innovation around me. And I’m impressed by […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on P272 mandate

Why if you’ve not yet heard of P272, you soon will… You could be forgiven for thinking that any revolution in metering is coming to the domestic sector, with the proposed nationwide roll out of smart meters to every household by 2020. Yet, for tens of thousands of businesses with Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) metered supply, change […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Innovation

Clean energy – where the smart money’s going Imagine having several billion dollars of your own personal money to invest in projects that you believe in. There can’t be many people that rich. But Bill Gates is one of them – and I’ve been watching with interest what he decides is worth investing in when […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Capacity crunch

Consumers become part of the supply solution Concerns about keeping the lights on at times of peak demand were back in the news yesterday, following a new assessment from National Grid that suggests the gap between total electricity generating capacity and peak demand could fall to just 1.2% this winter without special interventions. These interventions […]