Russia’s ROSATOM: ‘Business is business’

The state-owned nuclear corporation said it tries to steer clear of political tensions when conducting international trades

Big Zero Report 2022

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Russia’s state-owned nuclear corporation tries to steer clear of political tensions when conducting its international business.

That’s according to Andrey Rozhdestvin, CEO of ROSATOM France, who spoke to ELN about the extent to which politics, sanctions and other upheavals affect how the organisation operates.

The company’s CEO said it strives for international co-operation, citing the example of its lasting nuclear collaboration with France, originally signed in the height of the Cold War in 1971.

The two countries have worked together since then – Mr Rozhdestvin said this is because they share the same vision on the nuclear fuel cycle and the industry as a whole.

He added: “We have to do our own job, we are not politicians, we are businessmen so we try to do our business together with our partners.”

“The best result [is] when we have, even in difficult political times, we manage to do our business.”

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