New York to lead US R&D initiative in wind energy

The nationwide consortium will focus on the advancement of offshore wind technology

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New York has been awarded an $18.5 million (£14m) grant by the US Department of Energy for research and development in offshore wind energy.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is leading the nationwide consortium that will focus on areas such as advancing of offshore wind technology, innovative wind plant design, developing methods to reduce siting and installation costs and workforce training.

Experts from across the nation have been roped in to achieve energy targets of 2,400MW of offshore wind power by 2030, enough to provide renewable energy to 1.2 million homes.

The targets are part of the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan, released in early 2018 by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

He said: “This consortium cements our role as the national capital of the offshore wind industry and will drive innovation and development, support job creation and bolster our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a cleaner, greener New York for all.”

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