Policymakers ‘must minimise energy disruption from Brexit’

Eurelectric says maintaining a close collaboration between the EU and UK on electricity and climate issues is vital

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Europe’s electricity industry has called upon policymakers to minimise any possible disruption to the UK’s energy and climate agenda caused by Brexit.

Eurelectric, which represents energy sector participants in 32 countries, has urged politicians to maintain a close collaboration between the EU and UK and continue supporting wholesale energy market integration, cross-border interconnection and efficient energy trading arrangements.

It says future agreements must also include a comprehensive energy and climate chapter aligned with the Internal Electricity Market, as well as ongoing work regarding trading and transmission frameworks, the Single Electricity Market, the Industrial Emission Directive, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the nuclear sector.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of Energy UK, said: “This is an important message from the other European countries underlying the benefits of mutual cooperation and regulatory alignment post-Brexit, that we have long highlighted.

“It also supports our calls for a comprehensive energy and climate chapter in a future trade agreement, based on ongoing participation in the Internal Energy Market, which is essential to keep costs down for UK customers and businesses, enhance security of supply in the UK and in Europe and to meet our shared climate targets.”

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