Theresa May announces new Environment Bill

It will provide a legal framework for the UK to improve the environment and reduce pollution over the next 25 years

Theresa May has announced a new bill to protect the environment.

Speaking to a Liaison Committee in Westminster, she said the first Environment Bill since 1995 will set out a legal framework ensuring the government can fulfil its promise of improving the environment and reducing pollution over the next 25 years.

Although she remained vague on the finer points of the bill, she said the wide-ranging document would work to improve air quality and make the most of the opportunities available to the UK in a post-Brexit political landscape.

Mrs May said: “We will bring forward an Environment Bill and clean air will be part of that Environment Bill.

“There has not been an Environment Act since 1995, so we want to bring forward an Environment Bill that would incorporate a range of issues.”

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