Only 9.5% of Yorkshire businesses are using solar panels

This is despite double this proportion of employees saying it would be a good idea

Big Zero Report 2022

Only 9.5% of businesses in Yorkshire have installed solar panels, despite double this proportion of employees thinking it would be a good idea.

That’s according to a poll of workers conducted by YES Energy Solutions, which claims many businesses are missing out on up to tens of thousands of pounds by not adopting the technology.

Solar power is now thought to generate about 20% of the UK’s electricity for several hours on clear, sunny days.

YES Energy Solutions suggests a small business in West Yorkshire with a standard 4kW system could make a total profit of around £5,100 over 20 years, with a 10kW system bringing potential returns of almost £14,000 over the same period.

Duncan McCombie, Chief Executive at YES Energy Solutions, said: “The unprecedented yet welcome heatwave the country has enjoyed in recent weeks serves as a timely reminder of the benefits and potential returns solar panels can bring — yet our survey findings suggest a staggering proportion of business owners are missing out.

“After all, the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use so why not generate it yourself?”

The UK Government has announced plans to axe the Feed-in Tariff scheme from April next year.

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