Refrigerated warehouse makes cool 29% peak energy savings

Viking Cold Solutions’ technology slashed costs and consumption at the US facility

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Thermal energy storage equipment has helped cut a refrigerated warehouse’s peak energy demand by 29%.

Viking Cold Solutions installed its technology in a 93,000 square-foot frozen food distribution centre in California, US, where peak period consumption and demand charges accounted for nearly 50% of annual energy costs.

Thermal energy storage technology uses cheaper energy to freeze a solution that can be later used for cooling during times of peak demand.

The Dreisbach Enterprises facility recorded a 20% decrease in weekday energy use, which was countered somewhat by a 5% increase in off-peak weekend consumption, in order to fully recharge the equipment.

Collin Coker, Vice President of Sales at Viking Cold Solutions, said: “The study demonstrates that cold storage operators can safely reduce energy costs and utilities can significantly lower demand on the electrical grid during peak periods to defer costly infrastructure investments.”

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