Hospital digs deep for green energy gold

Nottingham University Hospitals has partnered with E.ON to build a £15 million energy centre, employing heat pumps and boreholes for low carbon heating and cooling

London mayor pledges £3.1m for tree planting scheme after heatwave and wildfires

Increasing the number of trees in London is expected help cool the city and provide shade to Londoners while making it more resilient to flooding

Is air conditioning harmful to the environment and human health?

Dr Xavier Moya, Lecturer at the University of Cambridge spoke to ELN about the impact of polluting gases used on air conditioners on the environment

US awards $32m for next-gen building retrofit projects

A total of 30 projects will be supported, with seven testing renovation techniques that reduce disruption to tenants while upgrading the energy and environmental performance of buildings ‘more quickly, affordably and effectively’

UK’s ‘first’: Deep borehole geo-exchange heating system to slash university’s emissions

The system will capture waste energy from cooling and will store it 220 metres undeground for later use as heat

Global innovators selected to pilot ‘game-changing’ energy efficient cooling tech

The programme is funded by the UK Government’s International Climate Finance, offering a total of $1.5m in grant funding for the pilot implementation

World Bank grants Thailand $5m to protect ozone layer and climate

The country is one of the world’s 10 largest importers and consumers of ozone-depleting hydrochlorofluorocarbons

Energy-efficient air conditioners could ‘avoid nearly eight years of emissions’

A doubling of climate-friendly cooling could result in a saving of $2.9 trillion by reducing electricity generation, according to a new report

Engie ‘working 24/7 to provide heating and cooling to NHS Nightingale’

Engie provides heating and cooling to NHS Nightingale a temporary hospital with capacity to treat 4,000 coronavirus patients

New York backs tech that cuts installation time for ground-source heat pumps

Dandelion Energy claims its Sonic Drill Suite technology reduces the time it takes to install geothermal systems from up to one week to one day