Homeowners ‘can boost house value with energy efficient upgrades’

MoneySuperMarket says improving EPC ratings can increase asking prices by up to 14%

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Homeowners can boost the value of their house by up to 14% through implementing energy efficiency upgrades.

That’s according to MoneySuperMarket, which says by improving their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), people selling their property can bolster asking prices.

An EPC is required when selling or renting a building and includes an energy efficiency rating given to the property on a scale of ‘A’ down to ‘G’.

The company suggests even an increase from the lowest ‘G’ rating to ‘F’ can have a 6% average price increase, with an EPC rating increasing to an ‘A’ or ‘B’ can provide a 14% boost to property value.

It states homes in the north-east of England can create the greatest percentage increase in value, where an improved rating can result in an average price rise of 12.2%, equating to £16,219.

Energy efficiency experts at MoneySuperMarket say installing cavity wall insulation, lagging jackets on water pipes and tanks and light bulb replacements can all help secure a better rating and save monthly energy costs.

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