E.ON uses satellite imagery to tackle fuel poverty

It has teamed up with space experts to use near real-time and archived data to reduce heat loss in homes

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Energy giant E.ON is working with space experts to develop a tool that can accurately identify areas across the UK where energy efficiency upgrades are needed and help tackle fuel poverty.

It has teamed up with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Earth observation specialist Astrosat for the 18-month project that will use near real-time and archived data gathered from satellites to help reduce heat loss in homes and improve housing conditions and insulation.

Currently energy efficiency programmes often rely on door-to-door visits or doorstep mailings to talk to customers and analyse their specific needs – the data captured using satellite technology means a bigger and more accurate picture can be created quickly, helping improve the success rate of installation works.

A city-wide trial will initially target energy efficiency measures but the tool will be built to allow for the development of additional layers of data that can be extended for other opportunities such as air quality monitoring.

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark MP said: “This government-backed technology could boldly go where no technician in a van has gone before, with the potential to pinpoint households in fuel poverty or those at risk. Matched with government data, this heat mapping technology could mean less time spent on the road and more time dedicated to upgrading homes through our £6 billion energy efficiency ECO scheme – the sky’s the limit.

“This is our modern Industrial Strategy in motion, with our world-leading space sector showing how innovation can deliver practical solutions in real-life issues.”

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