‘Nearly 6.5m households will still struggle despite new energy price cap’

Energy bills in the UK will continue to hover at nearly double the level of October 2021, resulting in 6.5 million households in fuel poverty despite a new price cap

Councils warn of energy savings shortfall

Local authorities has raised concerns over the sluggish pace of home insulation schemes, jeopardising fuel poverty targets

‘Low income households face £200+ energy bill shortfall’

Low income households in the UK are set to face an average shortfall of £209 on their energy bills this financial year due to the ending of additional government support schemes

‘Energy standing charges soar 50%, hitting low income homes hard’

Customers are set to experience the highest standing charge since the implementation of the Ofgem price cap in 2019, according to a report

Cash boost for Liverpool’s energy efficient homes

Liverpool City Mayor has secured £42 million to tackle fuel poverty in the region

Centrica boss awarded £1.4m bonus alongside £790k annual salary

Centrica has revealed that in light of the challenges faced by its customers, Chris O’Shea made the decision to forgo his 2021 bonus

EU Parliament adopts measures to reduce building emissions and increase renovation rate

Experts have raised concerns over the feasibility and risks of using green hydrogen for heating

Number of households in England in fuel poverty increases by 100,000

Government data shows that an estimated 3.26 million households were living in energy poverty last year

Nearly 141m ‘on the brink of extreme poverty due to soaring energy costs’

In low income countries, poorer households are already feeling the pressure of rising fuel bills

“More than 1.5m children in England live in cold private-rented homes”

The average tenant pays £350 more a year on heating because of poorly insulated and damp homes, new research has found