Graphene nanotechnology charges onto the battery market

Could graphene-lithium batteries be faster-charging, lighter and longer-lasting

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Graphene molecules

New graphene nanotechnology in batteries could reduce charging times, improve durability and boost energy density.

Jas Kandola, CEO of the Graphene Corporation, said his company has developed high-performance graphene-lithium batteries in a commercially viable way.

The firm, which has research, development and commercial operations based in both the UK and India, has created a “proven, unique and cost-efficient process for producing all grades of graphenes, graphene oxides and graphene composites”.

It has developed a battery designed to the specifications of a large mobile phone brand – it boasts an energy density up 45% higher than comparable lithium-ion options, a weight reduction of 30% and is able to reach 80% charge in only 20 minutes.

Mr Kandola said the company’s technology also works better in the cold than normal batteries and achieves a higher energy-density due to its unique chemistry.

He suggests the organisation’s core technology can be scaled up from phones to 40-foot long units for grid-balancing purposes.

The Graphene Corporation is currently set up to produce 7.5 tonnes of graphene a month, at a significantly lower price than the current market cost of the material.

The CEO said the price of graphene-lithium batteries paid by the customer would be very similar to current lithium-ion batteries.

He suggested the firm eventually planned to go lithium-free with solid-state designs, adding “the core technology transcends many, many sectors”.

Jas Kandola, CEO of the Graphene Corporation, said: “This is a significant milestone for our business and a testament to the hard work and skill of our scientists and engineers who have worked tirelessly to bring this innovative technology to fruition. We have re-engineered the leading battery technologies and initially developed graphene-lithium and graphene-lead batteries for our clients. Further developments are planned.

“We are at planning stage with our clients to help them launch improved versions of their existing consumer products using our batteries which have significant outcome of having much higher energy density and significantly reduced charge times. One such product being launched imminently by one of our clients is a new mobile phone which has a 30 minutes charge time”.

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