UK’s local electricity grid operators open doors to smart flexibility services

The Energy Networks Association says the move will allow households and businesses to benefit from a lower-cost, lower-carbon energy system

Big Zero Report 2022

The UK’s local electricity grid operators have committed to opening up requirements for new electricity network infrastructure to include smart flexibility services.

Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) Flexibility Commitment means households and businesses across the UK will benefit from a lower-cost, lower-carbon energy system.

Local electricity operators plan to use flexibility services offered by renewable generation, demand-side response and energy efficiency measures to solve the issue of congested grid infrastructure resulting from increased electricity demand and more distributed energy projects being connected to the network.

They say these strategies could help reduce the cost of building new energy infrastructure and complement traditional forms of energy network infrastructure such as pylons, transformers and substations, potentially cutting necessary spending by £8 billion a year before 2030.

ENA CEO David Smith said: “Like so many other parts of our world right now, the public is starting to see that their energy system is undergoing an important digital transformation. Our energy networks are committed to operating an efficient, smart, clean energy system that is fit for the British public.

“Our commitment will enable new energy markets across the country, creating new opportunities for people to further benefit from the latest smart technologies being used in their homes and businesses. That’s good for the public, good for the system and good for our decarbonisation goals.”

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